Serena Sonata / Bareback Blues

…”The sound of these tracks embodies the warmth and size of old-school rock and roll, tipping the hat off to iconic acts such as Led Zeppelin, as well as The Rolling Stones, Gary Moore and Rory Gallagher, only to mention a few. It’s all about taking those blues rock licks to the next level and spicing it all up with some zesty hot sauce!”…

…”Inspired by some of the most influential rock acts, but still able to create an innovative and personal sound, Joe Hodgson managed to really hit the mark on these two songs, in terms of excellence and versatility. In fact, his sound doesn’t just fall under the umbrella of traditional rock, but it features so many production nuances and a very innovative feel, which truly adds something magical to the sound of this release”…

“The Band Camp Diaries”

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The One That Got Away

…”This richly arranged instrumental track is a great insight into Joe’s skills as a musician and composer. It has a great balance of soaring lead tones and well-constructed harmonies, going for a distinctive twist”…

…”What I love about Joeʼs guitar playing is that it is articulate and stylish, yet his sound can be quite restrained when it needs to be. In other words, there is no senseless noodling like some virtuoso guitarists do, but rather an accomplished piece of music that favours musicality over mere technical chops”…

“The Band Camp Diaries”

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The new double A-side single “Serena Sonata/Bareback Blues” is the second single from my forthcoming album ‘Apparitions’ (to be released on Friday November 27th), following ‘The One That Got Away’.

After being in bands for many years, and based in London for over two decades, I finally returned to Ireland on a semi-permanent basis in 2016. I spent the last four years conceiving and putting ‘Apparitions’ together, and in the course of doing so, I fulfilled a long-held dream of making an album of guitar-led instrumentals, where I finally I displayed my own voice (albeit in the form of my six string) and made exactly the sort of music I always dreamt of making.

During the recording of ‘Apparitions’, I had the pleasure of working with some fantastic musicians who all gave so generously of their time and talent, and who helped make it one of the best experiences of my life. The album became quite a musical odyssey, with the recording and mixing leading me to places as far flung as Tyrone, London, Texas and Ontario. At times I felt I was going insane trying to get everything to sound exactly as I wanted it to, but I got there in the end, and I have my friend and musician extraordinaire, Chris James Ryan, to thank in particular for helping me get my musical vision across the line.

So after all this, all I can say is that I hope you enjoy listening to the music as much as I’ve enjoyed making it. 🙂

“It’s about how nothing ever stays the same, everything changes or decays; lives are lived, and love is lost, but looking forward is the one thing we can all do. Yes, we may have regrets, but hope and optimism are usually only around the next corner.”